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Injection Stretch Blow Mold sampling is done on a Nissei 250H, Nissei 50MB, and Nissei 70DPH machines at the Centralia, IL facility. These machines are capable of unit and production tool sampling. Unit development costs are kept low by using an interchangeable set of base tooling. Each new Unit tool only needs to have the molding surface related components manufactured to produce the bottle. In addition, this system allows BIG 3 to meet the quick delivery requirements for today’s industry.

Injection Blow Mold sampling is done in both our Millville, NJ and Holliston, MA facilities. The molding equipment in our Sampling Labs include Jomar 40, Jomar 115, Jomar 135, Uniloy 88, Uniloy 189 and our own BMP-145T Blow Molding Press and are capable of Unit and Production samplings. BIG 3 offers several Rapid Tooling Programs supported by our in-house lab to meet the demand of time to market.

BIG 3′s processing knowledge is extensive in both ISBM and IBM ensuring proper development of tooling. BIG 3 has recently gained cGMP certification for the sampling labs at our Centralia,IL & Millville, NJ locations. This certification allows BIG 3 to offer production run capabilities to our customers.