IBM Tooling

Our IBM blow mold tooling division is a global precision blow mold design, manufacturing and validation / sampling company. We manufacture for all the industry leading machine manufacturers including Uniloy, Jomar, and PetALL machines. We offer unit mold development as well as production development programs that are tailored to each customers’ needs.

From product concept through tool engineering, our complete design and evaluation services ensure our customers satisfaction. Attention to every detail is enhanced by integrating our sate-of-the-art capability, providing our customers with the highest quality engineering standards. BIG 3 is dedicated to delivering tooling with a minimum lead time without sacrificing design or quality. We supply the highest quality of tool steels, precision machined, ensuring a precise interface between components resulting in a tool capable of maximum performance and longevity.

  • Highest quality materials used in the tool construction
  • Precise tooling built through advanced manufacturing processes
  • Complete tool sets
  • Partial tool sets
  • Unit tool sets
  • Replacement components
  • Complex bottle shapes
  • PET mold sets

Download IBM Mold Tool Flyer