Program Management

Expert Program Management to take you from concept to delivery

Program Management is another service that BIG 3 offers which allows our customers the confidence to assign projects and know that they will see the results expected. We are a turn-key organization that can start with your part CAD data and turn it into a real-world container solution. Each PM has years of experience allowing them to quickly analyze production system needs and propose the best overall system through a communicated response.

The BIG 3 staff works closely with our clients to look upstream and downstream in the supply chain to understand the container parameters.  Clients realize cost savings from our System-Integrator approach.

BIG 3 utilizes Team Center Engineering to provide Project Life Cycle Management solutions.  Combined with our CATIA and UniGraphics NX Computer Aided Design stations, we provide cutting edge design capabilities.

BIG 3 hosts online Design review meetings, allowing stakeholders to participate from their desks, eliminating costly travel expenses.  This technology has allowed IDI to work with clients throughout North America and as far away as South Africa.