Single source fabrication services drive speed and quality consistency

Controlling more steps in any process eliminates wasted time and the chance for inconsistent quality.  That’s why we’ve chosen to invest in a full range of fabrication capabilities in our Materials Handling Division.  Our headquarters and production facility offers all the functions required for the vast majority of the projects we are entrusted with—shearing, punching and forming steel as well as MIG and TIG welding and plasma burning.

We also maintain a well-equipped machining center with two- and three-axis Chevalier CNC mills.  They allow prototype dunnage components to be CNC milled from the 3-D solid model our design staff has developed.  Intricate, high-tolerance parts can also be machined for any application.

Metal stamping is another in-house capability.  We have Komatsu presses ranging from 60 to 400 tons with bed sizes as large as 61 inches x 122 inches and Dallas feeders up to 35 inches wide.  With these resources we can produce metal stampings with 0.5 mm to 8.0 mm thick material.  Production of metal stampings can be made from your existing tooling or with new tooling designed and manufactured in facility.