Whether your material handling challenge involves small, simple parts or large complex assemblies we offer the design and fabrication services to create container and racking systems to meet the need.  For decades we’ve served up solutions for the aerospace, automotive, plastic, glass, fiberglass, military and SMC industries—from concept to design to prototype to full-service manufacturing.

Solutions include packaging trays, bar dunnage, flipper dunnage, shipping trays, specialty pallets, dunnage trays and extend to complex steel racks and racking systems for products as diverse as airplane components to automated automotive seat pallet systems.

Solutions now routinely are called upon to integrate precisely with robotic work cells and feed line equipment.

Of special note is the delivery of complete program management services starting with your part CAD data and turn it into a real-world container solution.

Racking Division - Design

Design & Prototyping

In-house prototyping allows building and testing of full-size working models of your racks and containers. And since all steps are completed under one roof, designs can be modified along the way and more options can be tried quickly.

Racking Division - Fabrication


Our headquarters and production facility offers all the functions required for the vast majority of the projects we are entrusted with—shearing, punching and forming steel as well as MIG and TIG welding and plasma burning.

Racking Division - Program Management

Program Management

The BIG 3 staff works closely with our clients to look upstream and downstream in the supply chain to understand the container parameters.

Racking Division - Prototyping


Beginning with a concept, through design, prototype and manufacturing we have become a reliable resource for cost effective solutions.

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