The Big 3 Community

At BIG 3 Precision Products, our management teams are fully committed to its workforce and the surrounding community through scheduled workshops, skills training exercises, and continued workplace advancement programs. Our employees are always encouraged to learn and grow by further advancement within the BIG 3 organizations. Team building methods are utilized to assist our employees along the way in securing a long and bountiful career path. Our philosophy is that we all win as a team and strive to help each member to gain new opportunity to succeed further in a group work-cell. Some prefer to work individually which can also be accommodated for many of our employees to excel.

The history of BIG 3 is long and outstanding; with over 40 years in the fabrication and tooling business, the impact on local communities has always been a very positive one. Our common goals with the community is to provide stable employment in a clean and safe work environment while assisting our workforce in making a better life for themselves and their families.

BIG 3 stakeholders are many; besides the internal participants, the critical members within the entire material handling industry are vast and vary widely throughout many areas of our product line which allows us a very diverse business model. Our workforce is consistently exposed to new product ideas and manufacturing practices which help to educate and promote a higher skill set within. Having an educated workforce allows BIG 3 to keep people employed ahead of the competition to build a better future for all.