Our Commitment to Quality

The management of BIG 3 Precision is committed to quality. This commitment is reflected in the company’s “Commitment to Quality”, which is displayed throughout the organization, in the Mission Statement, and in the objectives for quality.

Commitment to Quality

BIG 3 Precision knows that the need for quality of industrial products is more demanding than ever before. Therefore, we have made a commitment to our customers to serve them with the best products possible. We are committed to quality and continuous improvement in all areas of the organization. We shall strive continuously for excellence. It is expected from all employees to participate and to become involved in the continuous quality improvement process in order to ensure that the company’s goals for quality and efficiency are achieved.

Our goals are set to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering on time, customer-satisfying products, and services 100% of the time, as well as maintain or improve the quality of products and services so that customer requirements as well as internal requirements are consistently met.

Under observance of the previously mentioned goals, customer satisfaction is our main focus, we want to become THE preferred supplier to our customers.

All employees are accountable to management for any non-observance of these quality directives.

It is the responsibility of management and the department managers to ensure that this policy is understood and implemented at all levels of the organization.