Dunnage, Injection Molding & ThermoForming

BIG 3 Precision Products, Inc. is one of the only material handling suppliers in the world to have extensive knowledge and experience for producing thermoforming and injection molding products successfully. This allows us the ability to deliver the right product for each application. Beginning with a concept, through design, prototype and manufacturing we have become a reliable resource for cost effective solutions. With 5 machines and over 45,000 square feet of operating space we have the capacity to produce products as large as 72″ x 120″. Vacuum formed products include; rack dunnage, shipping trays and components.

Injection Molding

BIG 3 Precision Products, Inc. has complete design and prototype capabilities to ensure that our clients achieve precise, dependable, and cost effective solutions. We have access to over 55 machines ranging in size from 75 to 3,000 ton and are able to mold details weighing over 35 pounds. Products include; separator dunnage, shipping trays, processing trays, components, and assemblies.

Design, Prototype & Tooling

Prototyping injection molded dunnage, prior to building production tooling, helps to protect the customer from costly tool changes later in the program. The prototypes are typically constructed of production-like materials so that the customer may quickly evaluate the effectiveness of the package. BIG 3 offers cost-effective and timely prototype solutions for its customers.

Bar Dunnage

Bar dunnage is an easy to install solution that is widely used in the material handling industry to provide separation and protection between the customer’s parts. BIG 3 can produce bar dunnage with different Shore hardness depending on specific requirements.

BIG 3 can also provide 3-D Printing of prototype dunnage to shorten longer lead times on CNC cutting of plastic components where testing may not be necessary.

Flipper Dunnage

“Flipper” Dunnage is a type of dunnage that is utilized when the customer requires a top lock-off or side lock-off and a need to maintain full product separation. This dunnage typically consists of multiple finger-like details that pivot independently on one axis that are flipped open to allow the material handling operator to load the product, and flipped closed to lock the product in place. Flipper Dunnage systems interface well with automated loading and unloading systems or robotics.

BIG 3 also has extensive experience with a two-part molding process known as over-molding. This two-part dunnage consists of a hard plastic substrate with a softer material molded on surfaces that is in contact the product. The hard plastic provides structure to the dunnage while the softer, rubber-like plastic, provides extra protection and cushion for the product.

Insert molding is utilized in the most demanding dunnage applications where a sharp, unfinished metal edge of the part contacts the plastic dunnage. Stainless steel wear plates are molded into the dunnage and virtually eliminate dunnage wear due to heavy point loads. Insert molding can dramatically extend the life of the dunnage and reduce container repair costs.

Shipping Trays

BIG 3 supplies a variety of custom injection molded trays for the material handling industry including shipping and processing trays, kit trays, and precision automation trays. Tray sizes range from 1/48 to 1/2 size, based on a 45″ x 48″ standard base pallet.

Thermoforming Design

BIG 3 is able to generate simple conceptual designs for quick density studies or create a complex, fully detailed design. To facilitate CAD data transfer and management, BIG 3 has an ftp website and is able to translate most engineering CAD data files including CATIA, SolidWorks, and Unigraphics.

BIG 3 has the capability and flexibility to design thermoform packaging trays generated from part data CAD, or from a physical part supplied by the customer.

Prototype / Production Tooling

BIG 3’s in-house 5,000 square foot prototype and production tool facility is staffed with individuals with over 75 years combined experience.

Dunnage Trays

BIG 3 produces a variety of thermoformed trays for shipping automotive and non-automotive products.

Thermoformed trays can be used to package sensitive or precision machined parts that typically require part separation. BIG 3’s maximum tray size is 72″x120″, with a gauge range between 0.060″ and 0.375″.

Materials can vary from HDPE to standard PE or even ABS depending on the use.

Pallets & Lids

Thermoformed pallet/lid systems typically consist of two primary configurations:

A+B: The pack consists of a thermoformed pallet base with separate, unique thermoformed lid.
A+A: The pack consists of a thermoformed pallet base that doubles as a lid (mirror image).


  • Material is High Density Polyethylene – HDPE
  • Many colors are available
  • All materials are 100% recyclable
  • Sizes above are based on 0.250″ starting gage
  • All pallets and lids have drain holes installed
  • Tolerance is ± 0.250
  • 300″ gauge material is recommended for unit loads over 1,500 lbs.
  • Pallets and lids with retractable belts are available and quoted upon request

BIG 3 has over 50 years combined experience designing and building innovative seat pallet systems for the automotive industry, and have successfully launched seat pallet systems for FCA (Chrysler), Ford, and other tier-one suppliers. Seat pallet design not only requires specific knowledge of injection molding and thermoforming processes, but it also requires specific knowledge of manufacturing processes, conveyor systems, and fabrication and assembly processes. BIG 3 has a team of designers and project managers that understand the challenges of seat pallet systems and can provide support throughout the seat pallet development and implementation. BIG 3’s seat pallet team considers a wide range of processes relating the pallet system to provide cost effective, reliable, and on-time packaging solutions.

BIG 3’s modular seat pallet base design allows the base to be used for more than one vehicle program. This helps reduce expensive tool costs for future vehicle programs as only the top plastic details are removed, and the pallet base is retrofitted with a new configuration of plastic details.

OEM Products

High tolerance thermoform OEM parts require precise trimming. BIG 3 utilizes a 5-axis, dual table, CNC router for greater accuracy and speed. Your parts are trimmed to exact specifications.